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Property Management

Finding the right and suitable property management for your property can be very tedious. Everyone who has ever been involved in the search knows this. We are the qualified property manager for every need. There are different forms of property management. Our house service is individually tailored to the house / apartment and the wishes of the owner. Real estate is a valuable asset that needs special attention. Recognizing defects and damage at an early stage helps avoid costly and expensive refurbishment and repair work. In particular, for objects that remain uninhabited for a long time, many costly repairs can be avoided by attentive control and observation.

We take care of your property and check regularly to your specifications so that everything works well when you rent or when you arrive.

Some examples from our service package of the extensive property management:

The simplest form is the regular control of the object, ventilating the premises and flushing the toilets and water pipes. So that the unpleasant drying out of the drains is avoided. The cleaning service at vacancy ensures even when not occupied for a regular care of their property.

The property management can be extended according to your wishes by the following services:

Commissioning and control of, for example:

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