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If you want to buy a property, today you not only ask for the price, product quality or additional services. No, you should also inform yourself about the provider. So you just get a better feeling and confidence. With us there is a well-rehearsed team of professionals who work for you for the various aspects of the property. We are a long-established brokerage firm based in Sosua on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. We offer many years of experience, professional appearance, versatile contacts and all services around the property.

Before the purchase: 

  • Conscientious prior object examination
  • Extensive up-to-date informative Internet portal
  • Visit of all possible objects
  • Detailed property advice and property documents for your purchase decision
  • Available on 7 days / week

During the purchase: 

Notary services.

  • On request care by a English-speaking notary.
  • Examination of all documents.
  • Preparation of the private and notarial sales contract.
  • If necessary, founding a company (S.R.L., E.I.R.L.).
  • Fiduciary management of your payments.
  • Description of the documents in your name and all official channels.
  • Property records.

After the purchase: 

  • Also, personal care continues.
  • Possibly. Remodeling or setting up your property.
  • Administration and discharge of official levies.
  • Care and rental during your absence.
  • Sale of your property (s).
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